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Introducing the Smart Home Hub

The functional smart space is our implementation of smart automation also know as domation in a simple, reliable, cost effective and efficient way. We offer customization and flexibility of price and design.

We can turn any internet connected home, apartment, shop or internet capable space into to a smart space in less than an hour. Our implementation welcomes you to the smart life by giving you essential products that guide you to automation and ultimately more satisfaction and happiness.

We give you over the air control of your lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances with remote operation capabilities.

Google Home Smart Speaker
Zolo Smart Speaker
Sony Smart Speaker

What is a smart space

A smart space is any home or aprtment with an internet connection. That is all that is needed to make the magic happen. We bring in a couple of devices


and your space is instantly transformed.

What can a smart space help me with?

Our days are filled with more to do with much less time everyday. We constantly have to balance our needs and wants with finite resources. Technology has liberated us of tasks and functions that are repeatitive mundane or not essential.

We help design your smart space entirely around your needs and WANTS to ensure you maximise your time and energy to focus on being present in the things that matter most to you while giving you peace of mind and increased tranquility.

What can my smart space do?

The smart space can do almost everything once designed to meet your unique and flexible needs and wants.

Take a look below at some simply ways your assistant can enhance your everyday experience...

What do I need?

All you need is an internet connection and electric power to your space. After you have completed the smart needs assessment our technicians will advise you on the most fundamental smart devices and applications for your unique needs.

From there you'll be set up and running. Hassle free and set up in no time.